At Ferson Kitchen & Bath Design, LLC we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional selection of high-quality products that are designed to enhance the functionality and beauty of your space.

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From elegant cabinetry and stylish countertops to luxurious fixtures and innovative appliances, our curated collection reflects the latest trends in design and technology. Whether you desire a sleek and modern kitchen or a serene and spa-like bathroom, our products are meticulously chosen to provide durability, versatility, and enduring style. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we ensure that every product we offer meets our stringent standards, allowing you to create a space that seamlessly combines form and function, elevating your home to new heights of luxury and sophistication.


Discover the beauty and quality cabinets FKBD has to offer. We are dedicated to providing you with only cabinets that have a reputation for excellence. Built to last, you’ll find our between our different cabinet lines we able to accommodate low, mid and high end remodels. Experience seeing your carefully planned out new kitchen in a colored 3-D rendering. Because we offer the flooring, tile and countertops under one roof, putting together different color options is much easier to do than going from store to store.

Dura Supreme




Experience the unique beauty of granite countertops with our expert guidance at Ferson Kitchen & Bath. As a natural stone formed underground under compression, each slab of granite has its own unique characteristics. We invite you to join us in selecting the perfect slab for your home, so you know exactly what to expect.

Many people believe that granite is more expensive than quartz, but we offer “In stock” colors at competitive prices that make it an affordable option. In addition to being cost-effective, granite is also heat and scratch-resistant, making it an ideal choice for high-use areas. Plus, our 15-year sealant warranty against stains gives you peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

One of the advantages of granite is the vast array of colors available, with beautiful natural forming veins that create a stunning focal point in any room. With a granite countertop from Ferson Kitchen & Bath, you’ll have a conversation piece that constantly surprises and delights. Choose from our selection of unique and striking granite slabs to add a touch of natural beauty to your home.

Midwest Tile and Stone

Epic Stone



Corian Quartz





Experience the strength of granite with the ease of maintenance with quartz countertops from Ferson Kitchen & Bath. Originally engineered with limited color and veining options, today’s quartz countertops offer a wide variety of colors and patterns, many of which realistically mimic the look of marble.

Comprised of natural quartz stone, color additives, and adhesives, quartz countertops are a durable and safe option for any home. Unlike natural stone, quartz is non-porous, making it resistant to bacteria growth and safe enough for use in hospitals. It’s also heat and stain-resistant, making it a practical and beautiful addition to any kitchen or bathroom.

Choose from our extensive selection of quartz countertops, available in a range of colors and patterns to suit any style. At Ferson Kitchen & Bath, we’re committed to providing you with the highest quality quartz countertops that are both functional and stylish.







Corian Quartz

Molded Marble

Looking for an easy-to-maintain and affordable vanity top option? Look no further than the molded marble vanity top! With an integrated sink and backsplash, it’s a popular choice for many homeowners. However, it’s important to note that this material is relatively soft and can scratch easily. To keep your vanity top looking its best, be sure to use hot pads when using heat products like hot irons, and handle it with care. 




Transform your floors and walls with the timeless beauty and water-tight seal of tile! With proper installation and regular cleaning, tiled surfaces can last for as long as you want them there. It’s important to note that grout can be susceptible to staining, which is why it’s essential to have a professional tile installer seal it during installation. And if your grout ever becomes discolored and cleaning won’t restore it to its original color, don’t fret! Grout color stains are available that can give it a fresh, new look. Enjoy the lasting beauty and durability of tiled surfaces with the peace of mind that comes with proper installation and maintenance.


American Olean


Urban Floor

Urban Services

Wind River


Wood floors have been a timeless, classic for centuries with their beautiful grading and natural tones, adding warmth and richness to any room. New production processes have changed. How are the floors where in our home making it a more practical surface these days. Whether it’s a wire brush finish or distressed, scratches and dings can be hidden a lot better than what they used to be. Wildwood floors are stunning, they are not practical for every home. Sharing with your designer/ sales person your typical activity at home will help determine if wood is a good choice for your lifestyle. Keep in mind, we use our floors more than anything in the house, having a product you don’t have to worry about is very important.



Wind River


Love the look of wood floors but hate the constant worry of scratches and damage? Look no further than LVP, a water and scratch-resistant faux wood flooring option that’s easy to maintain. With a variety of colors and textures available, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your home. Choose between floating or glue-down installation to suit your needs. Say goodbye to daily floor maintenance and hello to beautiful, worry-free flooring with LVP.





Plumbing Fixtures

Looking for the perfect plumbing fixtures for your home? The options are endless! Choose from kitchen faucets with convenient pull down features, touchless controls, drinking faucets, garbage disposal buttons even glass rinsers! Opt for a single or double bowl sink and select from materials such as cast-iron, composite and stainless steel. When selecting the material and color, having your countertop sample with you will make selecting the material/ color much easier.
When it comes to the faucets and sinks, there is a wide range of color options. Consider appliance and cabinet hardware color when selecting the faucet.
In the bathroom, consider adding a handheld wand to your tub or shower for easier cleaning, pet washing, as well the simple option to shower without getting your hair wet by the overhead shower. Shower columns have become a popular choice as it combines handheld and overhead shower in one. When selecting the faucet, keep in mind how tall it is. The taller the arch, the less reaching underneath the faucet. Some now offer a pull down feature that helps with cleaning.
When selecting a sink style, consider how easy it will be to keep clean. Some have more sloped sides, whereas some have more square corners.
Freestanding tubs have become a desired option in many homes. There are 3 common ways the tub filler can be installed; deck mounted, floor mounted or wall mounted. Knowing the advantage or disadvantage of each and if that method will work in your bathroom will avoid costly mistakes.
Many details, however, with an experienced professional, all of these items will be brought up, so you don’t have to worry about it






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